The tomb of Siti, the first father of Ramses the second in the Valley of the Kings,
is one of the most beautiful royal tombs sunk in great depth and drawings and murals pulsating colour with Pharaonic charm; the modern era is unable to decipher the multiple tales of his knowledge of art and architecture
The first City Cemetery was founded in 1817 CE by Giovanni Battista Belzoni, the 17th cemetery in the Valley of the Kings and is one of the most beautiful tombs in the Valley of the Kings. It also contains engravings of many books, including the Book of Gates and what is found in the underworld.
The mummy of Seti the first was found in 1886 AD in a cache in Deir el-Bahari. It is believed that the first city died and was not forty years old, unlike Ramses I and Ramses II, who died in advanced ages and the cause of the death of Seti the first is not known. However, his mummy was found beheaded. This happened after the death of the grave robbers, and he was likely suffering from heart. Disease. The mummy was transferred to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The sarcophagus was carved from a single piece of alabaster and had wonderful engravings, found in a London museum.