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Egypt magic tours is an Egyptian luxury travel agency. We are a team of passionate, luxury travel Egyptologists. We show you Egypt our unique way_ the way behind the scenes away from the crowds and in touch with Egypt’s rich, exceptional culture. We are in business for 30 years; we are committed to creating the highest quality trips featuring the finest, comfortable accommodations. we invite you to visit this website to create your own travel experience.

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  • Ancient Egyptian History
  • 03 Jan, 2023

Egyptian archaeologists set off a surprise over the “pregnant mummy.”

Egyptian archaeologists set off a surprise over the “pregnant mummy.” It was initially believed that the mummy was a man. It was initially believed that the mummy was a man. The mummy was subjected to several combinations of tomography and x-rays Research has revealed that the mummy in the bandages is of a pregnant woman […]

  • Ancient Egyptian Art
  • 14 Dec, 2022

The opening of the mouth of the deceased.

It is stated that this marvelous piece was also used to cut the umbilical cord after birth and to open the mouth of the deceased. The ritual’s purpose was to awaken the dead man’s senses, including his mouth, eyes, and hearing so that he could put them to use in the hereafter by reviving the […]

  • Luxor
  • 11 Dec, 2022

Christmas trees date back to ancient Egypt.

Christmas trees date back to ancient Egypt.


Is Egypt considered a safe destination?
Egypt has served as one of the best and safest tourist destinations for decades. Surrounded by warm Egyptian hospitality, courteous and kind-hearted locals, you're gonna feel at home and as safe as you'll ever be. With some Sensible precautions and preparations, you will be able to explore Egypt tours and trips and enjoy Egypt's generally very safe cities with your mind at ease. Boasting a usually low crime rate, visitors will be more than safe, especially in areas frequently visited by tourists.
What are the health procedures Egypt Magic Tours are taking during COVID-19?
To ensure the health and safety of our travellers, Egypt Magic Tours has adapted to the new care measures established by WHO. We are taking all the necessary procedures and precautions for our travellers' health and safety, as your safety and well-being remain our top priority. We always aim to ensure that your trip is stress-free. With Egypt Magic Tours, travelling and exploring Egypt with health and safety will be possible.
Why book with Egypt Magic Tours ?
Egypt magic tours is an Egyptian luxury travel agency. We are a team of passionate, luxury travel Egyptologists. We are in business for 30 years
Why Egypt Magic Tours should be your choice to travel ?
Customer Feedback: With over 18 Excellent on Tripadvisor, we choose our customers very well to guarantee harmony among them.
How much will we have to pay as a deposit?
The fixed deposit amount is 25% of the tour total price, Except for Egypt Christmas tours, new Year and other peak seasons where the deposit goes up to 50%.
Is there any surcharge on transactions completed using a debit or credit card?
Standing by our designation to make the payment process as smooth and effortless as possible, we do not apply any surcharge on your transactions via Debit or Credit card.
How can I obtain my visa to visit Egypt?
Visitors and travellers to Egypt must carry a passport valid for at least six months from their arrival date. However, to revitalize tourism in Egypt, the following nationalities can purchase a 1-month entry visa on arrival. The Nationalities that benefit from the aforementioned exception are Australia, Canada, Croatia, the European Union, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Macedonia, South Korea, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, United Kingdom and The U.S.A. The Process for acquiring these entry visas is straightforward and only takes a mere couple of minutes through any bank window before proceeding to customs. What kind of transportation can be used to move in Egypt cities? From your very first step after landing in Cairo airport, there will be a wide range of comfortable and affordable means of transport under your beck and call. The Fastest and most abundant is the Taxi. It is preferred to avoid white taxis as they Rarely abide by a meter reading and might ask for an exaggerated fare. However, the GPs and meter utilizing Uber transportation service is a preferred alternative. Another popular and highly accessible option for moving around is the Subway/Metro. With the Streets occasionally getting congested with people and automobiles, the metro has become one of the fastest means of transportation to move from point A to Point B in Egypt. It tends to get crowded in rush hour times but still stands as a fast and convenient means of transport. Do Egyptians speak languages other than Arabic? Have no fear Most Egyptians living in Cities have a basic command over the English language and some English words and phrases. However, the same cannot be said for French, Italian, Spanish and finally German. Nevertheless, Professionals working in the tourism sector have easily adapted to visitors who don't speak Arabic. Satisfying the needs of most travellers with a combination of English and other lingual phrases.
Is it a common practice to give tips in Egypt?
Service charges are by default included in the bill when dining in a restaurant. However, these fees go to the restaurant and not the waiters. Knowing this, it is advisable and courteous to tip the servers with an additional 10 % directly.
Do I have to learn Arabic to enjoy my visit to Egypt?
It's not a must but definitely advisable and beneficial to learn a couple of day to day basic Arabic words and phrases such as greetings, amongst others. If you plan to dive deeper and explore more than the Popular destinations and famous tourist attractions, learning some phrases is surely a smart move.
What different types of hotels are there in hotels in Egypt? What about check-in time?
Accommodations for travellers in Egypt fall across a broad range—everything from world-class luxury to simple hostel accommodations are available. The nicest hotels compare with luxury hotels anywhere; Egyptian hotels have their own rating system that loosely classifies them on a 5-star scale. The check-in time in most hotels in Egypt is around midday, 12 or 1 PM. Can I take pictures while visiting the monuments in Egypt? Photography is allowed in most historical sites and museums in Egypt, but some have extra charges for taking in a camera. Like the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, and some historical sites, like the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, photography is prohibited. Visitors are asked to leave their cameras at the reception before entering.
Is there any special dress code to be followed while visiting a mosque in Egypt?
The modest dress would be highly recommended, and in some mosques, women will be asked to cover their hair and perhaps their arms and legs. Both women and men will be asked to remove their shoes before entering a mosque. Are there any health issues that I should worry about in Egypt? Some travellers might suffer sunburn or heat stroke from the heat and sun during the summer if they are not careful; however, taking the proper precautions and drinking bottled water can eliminate any health risks.
What are the opening hours for shops and different stores in Egypt?
Most of the shops in Egypt open from around 10 AM and stay open until 10 PM; however, many shops, cafes, and restaurants, especially in major cities, stay open much later. Some facilities and shops are open 24 hours.
What are the opening hours for monuments in Egypt?
Most of the monuments, historical sites, and museums in Egypt open from 9 AM until 5 PM. Open-air historical sites, like the Pyramids of Giza, are open from 8 AM until sunset. Some museums have morning opening hours, from 9 AM to 4 PM evening opening hours, from 5 PM to 9 or 10 PM. During Ramadan, the holy month of the Islamic calendar, be aware that these hours will change significantly.
Is there any special advice for women travellers while visiting Egypt?
IN Rome do like the Roman are doing, In less touristic places, relatively modest dress is recommended. Women should avoid very tight clothing, keep their shoulders and knees covered, and avoid very revealing necklines. Men should also avoid particularly revealing clothing. Wearing shorts is not very common among Egyptians. Dressing with relative modesty is a way of respecting the local culture. The metro in Cairo has separate cars for women that might be more comfortable, especially during rush hours when the cars can be full.
How much should I tip?
It is good to give between 1$ and 2$ tips or equivalent in Egyptian currency directly to the waiter in a restaurant, and the housekeeper carrying luggage would be appropriate. Often in Egypt, you will find someone tending to the bathroom to keep it clean. Giving them 1$ is an appropriate amount. Tipping your tour guide and vehicle driver is completely appropriate and should be considered if you're provided with great service.