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Magnificent Dahabiya Nile Cruise

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It is the Nile, and it is unlike any other river. Amazing ruins from the past. The desert has endless stretches of golden sand. All of this and more can be found in Egypt, a crucial part of our shared human history and the evolution of government, religion, and agriculture. Egypt’s long history and friendly locals make the country an alluring destination for those interested in seeing both ancient and modern sights.

Enjoy This Magnificent Dahabiya Nile Cruise.
"Discover Egypt and the Nile Valley"

It is the Nile, and it is unlike any other river. Amazing ruins from the past. The desert has endless stretches of golden sand. All of this and more can be found in Egypt, a crucial part of our shared human history and the evolution of government, religion, and agriculture. Egypt's long history and friendly locals make the country an alluring destination for those interested in seeing both ancient and modern sights.
Day 1: Leaving the United States.

Day 2: Day Two, Get to Cairo Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is a bustling metropolis home to more than 22 million people. Rest easy in your luxurious lodgings for the night. Tomorrow morning, you'll be greeted by breathtaking views of the pyramids as you open your eyes. Sleeping Quarters at the Marriott Mena House

Day 3: Cairo, Memphis, and Giza The ancient city of Memphis, which dates back to around 3,100 BC, is just a short drive away, so after breakfast, you should head that way. The legendary capital of King Menes, who controlled the land and water routes connecting upper and lower Egypt. Approximately 19 miles of necropolises can be found here; among them is Sakkara, the burial site of 1st and 2nd dynasty pharaohs and home to the oldest of Egypt's 107 pyramids. The Great Pyramid of Giza and the Great Sphinx are two of the most recognisable landmarks in the world, and a visit to them in the afternoon is a must. Hotel for the Night: Mena Marriott (B, L, D)

Day 4:, you'll visit Cairo. Visit the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities today for a guided tour of its 107 halls and nearly 160,000 ancient artefacts spanning Egypt's history by five thousand years. See rare artefacts, portraits of royalty, and other treasures on display from ancient tombs. After lunch, with a view of the city from the Citadel of Cairo, continue to the massive Mosque of Sultan Hassan. Learn more about this underrepresented religious community by next touring some of the historic Coptic churches in Cairo. Then, you can take a stroll through Khan El-Khalili, one of the largest bazaars in all of the Middle East. This bustling market (or souk) dates back to the 14th century and features a maze of stalls selling a wide variety of goods, from traditional foods and fabrics to colourful trinkets. Behind the crowds of people, you can see the distinctive arches and vaulted ceilings typical of the original Mamluk-style architecture; Islamic art forms popular during the Mamluk Dynasty. Hotel for the Night: Mena Marriott (B, L)

Day 5 :  in Cairo includes a flight to Luxor. Following breakfast and checkout from the Mena House, guests are taken to Cairo International Airport to catch a flight to Luxor. Visit the New Kingdom period's most significant religious structure, the Karnak Temple Complex, on the east bank of Luxor on the way to your hotel. An array of humanoid sphinxes, massive towers, and soaring obelisks are just a few of the stone structures that come together to form this unique landscape. Throughout nearly two millennia, it went through numerous construction and restoration phases. After eating lunch at the hotel, you can relax with a drink on the patio or explore the beautiful grounds at your leisure. Enjoy the illuminated splendour of the mighty Luxor Temple this evening with a stroll through its ruins. The impressive temple in the city's heart lay dormant for centuries before it was finally unearthed in 1960. Please take advantage of the rare opportunity to view this building at night, when the dramatic lighting highlights its intricate details. We stayed at the Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor (B, L, D)

Day 6 : Luxor, Abydos, and Luxor This morning, take a panoramic view of life on the banks of the Nile as you follow the river north during a three-hour drive to visit Dandarah. The total area of the complex is about 40 thousand square metres, and a thick mudbrick wall encloses it. Dendera was inhabited in prehistory, a useful oasis on the banks of the Nile. It seems that pharaoh Pepi I (ca. 2250 BC) built on this site, and evidence exists of a temple in the Eighteenth Dynasty (ca 1500 BC) (ca 1500 BC). Nectanebo II, the last native pharaoh, erected the mammisi, the oldest surviving structure in the complex (360–343 BC). The amenities of the complex consist of: Temple of Hathor (the main temple) Birthplace of Isis Temple Sacred Lake Sanatorium Nectanebo II's Mammisi The Holy Basilica of San Cristobal This is the work of Roman Mammisi The Barque as a place of worship Domitian and Trajan's Gates kiosk in ancient Rome You can find the Dendera graveyard, a collection of mastaba tombs not far away. The cemetery spans the northern plain and the western hill, and it was used as early as the Early Dynastic Period of the Old Kingdom. We stayed at the Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor (B, L)

Day 7: Boarding in Luxor/Esna Cross the Nile to Luxor's west bank after breakfast, and once there, descend into the elaborately decorated tombs of Egypt's most powerful rulers, including Tutankhamun, at the famous Valley of the Kings, which was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978. Next, take in the stunning Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, one of the few female pharaohs, which is set against a backdrop of towering limestone cliffs and is renowned for its meticulous construction. After lunch, take the short drive to Esna, where you'll board your sailing vessel and spend the next four days. Once on board, you can settle into your stateroom and spend some time lounging on the sun deck while enjoying the serene scenery. Dahabiya for the night (B, L, D)

Day 8: Nile River / Edfu After a relaxing morning meal, you and your Egyptologist will set out for El Kab, one of the earliest cities in Upper Egypt and now a famous necropolis housing the remarkable tombs of nobles and army generals. The Ptolemaic Temple of Horus in Edfu is the best-preserved and most-complete temple in Egypt. It depicts Horus as the avenger of his father, Osiris, who was murdered by his brother Seth. For the remainder of the day, enjoy the plentiful amenities of the dahabiya. This evening, prepare to dine on a lavish buffet of Egyptian specialities presented with a performance of local music and dancing. Dahabiya for the night (B, L, D)

Day 9: , and we're in Edfu, on the Nile, and in Kom Ombo. After a morning spent cruising up the Nile, stop by Gebel el-Silsila, an ancient quarry where 18th dynasty pharaohs once mined sandstone and limestone for their temples. This evening, everyone is invited to a barbeque on a nearby island. Dahabiya for the night (B, L, D)

Day 10 : Aswan, the Nile, and Kom Ombo Visit the fascinating Temple of Kom Ombo, two temples in one because it was built for and dedicated to two gods: Horus and Sobek (the ancient god of crocodiles). Mummified crocodiles can be seen in the sanctuary today. Crocodiles once flourished in the Nile's waters, but the construction of the Aswan High Dam has eliminated this threat. The ancient Egyptians hoped that by honouring Sobek, they would be safe from harm. Get back on the dahabiya for the trip to Aswan and the farewell dinner cruise. Dahabiya for the night (B, L, D)

Day 11: The 11th day is spent disembarking in Aswan. After breakfast, you'll disembark and take a trip to the Aswan High Dam, a feat of modern Egyptian engineering that stands 364 feet tall and has a volume of 57,940,000 cubic yards. This dam has made it possible to regulate the annual flooding of the Nile by capturing the river's overflow and releasing it in stages, maximising the benefits to farmland, river flowage, and electrical power generation. The most well-known temple on the island of Agilkia is the one dedicated to the goddess Isis; it was built in the sixth century BCE, and the last known inscription written in Egyptian hieroglyphs can be found there, dated to 394 CE. Spend time relaxing at the hotel before exploring the famous market of Aswan, Sharia as-Souq, where you can find endless displays of fragrant flowers and spices, artisanal perfumes, colourful carpets, and other Egyptian and African goods. Cataract Sofitel for the Night (B, L)

Day 12: Aswan After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, travelers can take a boat ride through one of the Nile's cataracts. This rocky passageway once blocked ships from sailing the river between Equatorial Africa and Egypt. Elephantine Island was once a bustling trading centre and is now the only active excavation site open to the public. Enjoy the hotel's facilities or go out and about to discover Aswan for the rest of the day. Sofitel Legend Cataract, where you can stay the night (B, D)

Day 13: Aswan, Abu Simbel Excursion (Optional), and Return Flight to Cairo Those who choose to participate in the excursion will check out of their rooms in the morning and then be transferred to Aswan International Airport for a quick flight to Abu Simbel, where they will spend the day touring the temples before returning to Aswan and catching a flight to Cairo (You may purchase this optional excursion in advance from our Guest Services team. We recommend you reserve early for the best availability as space is limited.) The remaining visitors can relax in the hotel's outdoor infinity pool with views of the Nile, work up a sweat in the state-of-the-art fitness centre, or sip tea in the open air on The Terrace while taking in the breathtaking panorama of the Temple of Khnum and Elephantine Island. Later, you'll be transferred to the airport for a quick flight to Cairo, where you'll spend your final night in Egypt enjoying a farewell dinner with your tour group. Le Méridien Cairo Airport is the place to stay for the night (B, L, D)

Day 14: in Egypt, and today you will leave for the United States. If you need to catch a flight out of Cairo International Airport, you can take the sky bridge from the hotel directly to Terminal 3. (B) Meals are labelled with the letters B, L, and D.

Classic: $5,500

Suite: $6,600

Single (Classic): $9,130


Abu Simbel Excursion: $595/person

Rates are per person based on double occupancy except where noted as Single, in U.S. dollars. Single availability limited. Internal airfare between Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan is included. Otherwise, airfare is not included.
We have more than thirty years of experience.

We specialise in small groups that start from six to ten guests.

We are guiding the Alumni of the universities of Berkeley, Connell, TCU.

Our team of Egyptologists and lecturers have more than 20 years of experience.

We have a Certificate of  insurance covering life and Covid amounting to 50,000 $
Mena House Marriott Hotel in Cairo.

Marriott Mena House is about 45 minutes outside of Cairo, making it a perfect place to relax and unwind after a day of sightseeing. The hotel features a 40-acre garden, four dining and drinking establishments, a heated outdoor pool, a fitness center, and a full-service spa, all while providing breathtaking views of the nearby pyramids (additional fees for services). The Mena House was constructed in 1869 as a hunting lodge and later converted into a private residence before opening to the public in 1886 as a hotel. Its long history has welcomed many famous guests like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, and Charlie Chaplin. In-room comforts include a temperature-controlled environment, a sofa and chair, a flat-screen cable or satellite TV, free Wi-Fi, a phone, an alarm clock, a mini-fridge, a safe, free bottled water, a coffee maker, bathrobes, slippers, and a marble bathroom stocked with toiletries and a hair dryer.
Winter Palace Sofitel Luxor

The tranquil setting on the Nile River and the five-star amenities at Winter Palace makes for a fitting retreat for royalty. This villa, which was once King Farouk's winter retreat, hosted 19th-century explorers who were in search of Egyptian relics. Reflect on your experience in Egypt while relaxing in the inviting pool or strolling the beautifully landscaped grounds. There is a plasma screen TV, free Wi-Fi, a minibar, free mineral water, a safe, and a full private bathroom with a hair dryer in each room.

the Boat You Will Be Sailing Down the Nile In Our 155-foot dahabiyas can accommodate a maximum of 14 passengers in the utmost luxury and adventure while cruising the Nile. Every stateroom has its own private bathroom and air conditioning system. Each meal offers a selection of international and Egyptian dishes that are both nutritious and delicious. You may relax and have fun on the spacious sun deck, in the dining and lounging facilities, and with the help of the helpful and friendly crew. Room Types in a Stateroom One king or two twin beds, a window with a view, and a private bathroom are included in the standard room setup. (About 205 square feet) Each suite has a king-sized bed, a balcony, and an attached bathroom. (About 247 square feet) Room Amenities Include: Private Climate Control, Complimentary Minibar, a Safe, and a Private Bathroom with Toiletries and Hair Dryer.  
Hotels in Aswan, Egypt: Sofitel Legend Cataract

Experience the splendor of the Pharaohs' era while overlooking the Nubian Desert and Elephantine Island at this five-star resort. Stroll around the beautiful grounds and imagine yourself among the royal guests that King Fouad hosted, including Agatha Christie. Take a stroll through Aswan's historic district or unwind with a glass of hibiscus tea by the pool when you have some spare time. Guests looking to get their blood pumping can use the hotel's well-stocked fitness center, while those looking to relax can take advantage of the spa's extensive offerings (additional fees apply). Four restaurants with gourmet cuisine (French, Mediterranean, and regional) are available at the hotel. Accommodations have individual climate control, views of the Nile, a king-sized Sofitel My Bed, a writing desk, an LCD television, free Wi-Fi, a minibar stocked with free mineral water, coffee, and tea, a safe, and a marble bathroom with complimentary toiletries and a hair dryer.
Airport Le Méridien Cairo

This five-star hotel is connected to Terminal 3 of Cairo International Airport via a covered walkway that features full soundproofing. In addition to a heated outdoor pool, a fitness facility, and three restaurants (offering Chinese, Lebanese, and Mediterranean food), this property also has an excellent sports bar. In-room comforts include controlled temperature, soundproofed windows from floor to ceiling, a work desk, a cable/satellite LED television, free Wi-Fi, a minibar, terrycloth robes and slippers, a coffee maker, a safe, an iron, and a hair dryer.
Alexandria, a Mediterranean oasis, is about three hours from Cairo. The city, which Alexander the Great founded in 331 BCE, previously served as a significant intellectual hub for the Greek and Roman empires and as the residence of the Ptolemaic dynasty's monarchs, including Cleopatra. Explore the legendary ruins of the old city while taking some time to take in the contemporary allure of Alexandria's Corniche seafront promenade.

Day 1 of the Itinerary: Departing the U.S. Arrival at Cairo, Egypt,

on Day +2 Set up in your luxurious accommodations and take it easy the first evening in Cairo. Overnight: Hotel Marriott Mena

Day +3: Alexandria and Cairo After breakfast, enjoy a leisurely three-hour journey to Alexandria, a significant ancient study center. Alexandria, constructed under the rule of Alexander the Great, serves as the elite of Egypt's playground and is infused with a more Mediterranean character than Middle Eastern. On a guided tour, visit the Roman Amphitheatre, the renowned Catacombs, and the Citadel of Qaitbay.

You have the rest of the day to discover the city and its inhabitants. Steigenberger Cecil Hotel overnight (B,L)

Fourth day: Alexandria This morning, visit the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization to see exhibits from the Paleolithic era, a sizable archaeological display, and a gallery of royal mummies.

Explore the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, a recently built, contemporary rendition of its historical predecessor, which boasts breathtaking architecture. This building has the potential to rival Sydney's Opera House in terms of fame as an architectural landmark. Find incredible records and treasures in addition to the creative and original building.

The afternoon and evening are free to relax on the property or explore the nearby town. Steigenberger Cecil Hotel overnight (B,L)

Day +5: Cairo / Alexandria Return to Cairo after breakfast to meet with other visitors for the main itinerary.

Breakfast is B, and lunch is L.

Space is limited, and even though it's only open to people visiting Orbridge, it's best to book as soon as possible to have the most options.

(The schedule is tentative.)
Jordan Travel back in time to the Middle East's old civilization, where massive antique buildings dominate the present. Accept the countless layers of spiritual and religious symbols that adorn this Holy Land, which are brought to a breathtaking close by a trip to the Dead Sea.

Day 14 of the itinerary: Cairo/Flight to Amman Amman, a large city sprawled across 19 hills, serves as both the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan's modern and historic capital. The city was was a member of the Decapolis League and was formerly known as Rabbath-Ammon during the Iron Age and afterwards as Philadelphia (10 cities in eastern Palestine that were formed after the Roman conquest of Palestine in 63 B.C.). There are now about four million people living in the metropolis. Start by learning about the history of the area at the Jordan Museum, then climb to the Amman Citadel for a breathtaking perspective of the old city, which includes the 6,000-seat Roman theatre from the second century. InterContinental Jordan Hotel overnight (L,D)

Day 15: Jerash, Ajloun, Amman, and Jerash Visit Jerash, the city of a thousand pillars. The remains of Jerash, which were unearthed after being buried for centuries under sand, show evidence of ancient urban development, including paved streets, public plazas, temples, and fountains. Admire the impressive Hippodrome, Roman Amphitheatre, and one and only Roman Forum, which is flanked by 63 jonick columns. Also admire the Triple Arched Gate.

Continue to the impressive Qalat Al-Rabad fortification in Ajloun, a Muslim citadel constructed in the 12th century to defend the area from the Crusaders. Overnight: Jordan InterContinental Hotel (B,L,D)

Amman, Madaba, Mount Nebo, and Petra on Day 16 Explore Madaba, a thriving religious hub where some of the world's greatest Byzantine mosaics were created between the fourth and seventh centuries, after breakfast. The authentic Madaba masterpiece is housed inside the Orthodox Church of Saint George, one of many church floor mosaics that can still be seen in their original settings. It includes the earliest surviving religious map of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, which dates to the sixth century A.D.

Visit Mount Nebo next, which has a view of the Dead Sea, the Jordan River Valley, Jericho, and the far-off hills of Jerusalem. In order to mark the passing of Moses, a modest church was erected on Mount Nebo in the fourth century. The church was subsequently enlarged in the fifth and sixth centuries to become the massive basilica it is today, complete with a magnificent array of Byzantine mosaics. Mövenpick Resort Petra overnight (B,L,D)

17th day: Petra Spend the day seeing the historic city of Petra, which was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985 and is regarded as Jordan's most priceless asset and top tourist destination. Petra, a significant caravan settlement for traders in the Hellenistic and Roman periods, is the location of ongoing archaeological excavation missions. Petra is magnificently carved from the surrounding red sandstone cliffs. Mövenpick Resort Petra overnight (B,L,D)

Day 18: Dana, Little Petra, Petra, and the Dead Sea Drive a short distance north to Siq al-Barid, sometimes referred to as "Little Petra," once you check out. This location, which has a large number of tombs and temples, is regarded to have been a significant "suburb" of Petra. One of its biggest draws is the Painted House, which has some of the last remaining murals from the first century AD.

Continue to the stone village of Dana, whose structures date from the fifteenth century and have hardly changed in the past 500 years. The hamlet is famous for its trekking and is located within Jordan's biggest nature reserve. Take a stroll through the pomegranate grove before enjoying lunch with a view of the arid canyons and peaks as a great treat.

The Dead Sea, with its warm, calming, and extremely saline water, is where the day comes to an end. The Dead Sea's turquoise waters are rich in minerals due to its sea bed's location 1,400 feet below sea level, making it an exceptionally buoyant location for soaking and rejuvenation. Mövenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea overnight (B,L,D)

Dead Sea / Amman on day 19 Take it easy for the day in the Dead Sea. Take time to relax with a mud mask and plunge in addition to enjoying a magnificent breakfast and lunch. Those leaving at the specified timings will check out of the hotel in the late afternoon and board the free group shuttle to Queen Alia International Airport in Amman for tomorrow's early flights home. (B,L)

Day 20: Leave for the United States B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, and D = Dinner

Since there is a limited amount of room, making a reservation as soon as possible is advised.
Therapeutic Measures We'll be able to have you on tour with us soon! We know that touring during these times necessitates more planning and preparation on your part to ensure the health and safety of all tour participants. The following are in addition to the Wellness Protocols that are standard on all Orbridge excursions and that meet or exceed CDC recommendations and international travel industry norms.

When new data is made available by local, state, or federal organizations, which will post it here, due to the dynamic nature of the travel industry, you must revisit this page frequently to stay abreast of the most recent updates about your trip.

The Necessity of COVID-19 Tests

Flyers to Egypt need not show immunization records or COVID-19 test negative results. After June 17, 2022, Egypt no longer required visitors to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

Prohibitions on Entry or Travel

The following are the requirements for U.S. citizens continuing to Jordan for the post-tour extension:

To get the QR code, it must be shown to airline workers before boarding, and upon arrival in Jordan, visitors must visit the webpage no later than ten days before their scheduled arrival in the country. While in Egypt, you can get help filling out the paperwork from the Orbridge ground crew. Beginning on March 1, 2022, neither a pre-departure PCR test nor an entry-level test will be required of visitors to Jordan. Protocols for Health and Well-Being at Your Destination

You could be asked to cover your face with a mask when entering some establishments. The Egyptian government may impose a fee for noncompliance. In case of a medical emergency or a COVID-19 diagnosis, in Egypt, visitors must have enough travel insurance coverage. Egyptian businesses, including eateries, are working at or near capacity. The Orbridge Wellness Protocols, in addition to those designed for each destination, will be strictly adhered to at all times. By visiting, you may learn more about our work and the standards we hold our passengers to while on the road.

In the Air

Passengers entering the United States by air from a foreign country do not need to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test or documentation of recovery as of June 12, 2022. Each airline has its own policies and procedures for flying. To read up on the etiquette of flying, click here.

Contact our devoted Guest Services staff at +201553773723 Or if you have further inquiries.

This data is current as of September 13, 2022.
Very well organized and great guides.
We picked a private this tour based on Trip Advisor . Our goal was security. We took this tour: a day in Cairo focused Christian sites, the Museum of Antiquities and the Tut artifacts. Day at the pyramids, camel ride, and antiquities. Day at Abu Simbel and the statues and tombs that were moved for the Aswan dam flooding. Tours of temples at Aswan. Two days at Luxor. The first day focused on tombs at Valley of Kings & Queens and next day at Luxor temple and Karnak temple. It was comprehensive tour and totally do-able without becoming exhausted. When we wanted to rest, the "tour" paused and rested. The guides were knowledgable. We appreciated all the explanations of mythology. There were many great experiences like hot air ballon ride, sail boat ride, sound and light shows, trips to interesting factory stores where you could see rugs, alabaster vases, papyrus art, jewelry made. We decided it was our most fun vacation ever. The first day at the museum as I cut through a huge mass of people on the stairs and was soooo glad I was on a private tour instead of in a group tour herd. Egypt Magic works very hard to please you. We found them to be flexible and adaptable and accommodating. We were pleased and would highly recommend.
Gayle B

A friend and I booked excursions, guides and hotels through Egypt Magic and it all went perfectly. We saw the pyramids, the museum, the Valley of the Kings, took a three-day trip down the Nile, rode on a felucca and went to Abu Simbel. The guides were wonderful. Everyone was on time, competent and extremely good willed. Recommend Egypt Magic highly.

Great private tour
Egypt Magic organized a private one-week tour of Cairo & Upper Egypt for us which was wonderful. Lamia organized it all--hotels, transport, cruise, guides, etc., and was very helpful and flexible in accommodating our requests. The guides were terrific--Samir in Cairo --and Ahmed Abdelrazek made our trip to Upper Egypt unforgettable. He went above and beyond the call of duty to make our trip as enjoyable as possible. The tour was also excellent value for money. I would highly recommend using Egypt Magic.

Best Tour Giza Pyramids
The Giza Pyramids are a must-see in Egypt. the staff was great and The company was so supportive to us.
Mohaned A

Tarek Halim is Amazing!
I visited Cairo in early April 2019 and booked Tarek Halim via Tours by Tarek is an excellent guide, knows how to maneuver through big crowds and knows the best times to go places and see various things. He was great because he was able to communicate with the locals and negotiate a far price for items etc. I told Tarek I wanted to get authentic gifts for my family so he took me to the "real" papyrus factory and the real Egyptian cotton store :-). He is a great guide who has excellent know of Ancient Egyptian history. He was amazing to walk around the Egyptian museum. He patient and kind and he has to be because he has 5 daughters :-). He also does this great thing where he rates the bathrooms at the different locations, which is helpful! I can't recommend Tarek enough. I'm bringing my family back next year and can't wait for them to meet him.

2 weeks in Egypt
I am always a bit hestitant to travel outside of the US or EU, but felt safe and welcomed everywhere we went. Great guide - did appreciate the extra miles Ossama went on more than one occasion (bartering, negotiating, arranging, etc.). Yep, I would highly recommend Ossama as your guide for touring Egypt 'like a local'. 😉
Troy F

Literally felt like magic
One of the best two weeks of my life. I left Egypt with a love and appreciation that I couldn't have expected going in. Our guide, Osama Sharaf, was the best guide I've ever had on any excursion, and his being there the whole trip was what made it so special. I remember him telling us wonderful stories about so many different ancient relics that made history come to life. But when visiting the Egyptian museum, these relics were small things, tucked away in back corners! Without a guide as knowledgeable and passionate as Osama, I would have easily missed so much history and culture. I'm grateful to Egyptian Magic Tours for giving me the trip of a lifetime, and I would recommend this service to anybody looking to experience such a beautiful, awe-inspiring nation.
Kyle F

Amazing experience in a beautiful country!
This was hands down one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. We hit all the classic spots (the Pyramids, Abu Simbel, etc.) and also toured lesser-known locations. Everywhere we went, we got to interact with the people and learn about the culture of Egypt. Ossama is the world’s greatest tour guide, and he knows the answer to any question you throw at him. He’s also passionate about the country and its history, and by the end of the trip you’ll feel the same way. The sights are beautiful, the food is delicious (and plentiful), the people are kind, and the trip is fun. If you’re looking for a vacation, look no further than Egypt with EMT.

Egypt Magic Tours
Ms. Lamia and her company are absolutely wonderful. She hires the best tour guides in Egypt. I traveled solo to Egypt and had the trip of a life time. It was perfect in every way. Take a vacation with Egypt Magic an learn what it is like yo be treated like royalty. There really are no words to describe what a truelt great vacation I had. Thank you Ms. Lamia
cindy p

Cairo tour
Had an awesome experience. beautiful town with lovely places to see. Had a really great tour guide... Thank you Tarek Halim had a blast.
Didi M




12 breakfasts, ten lunches, and eight dinners; 8 nights in a 5-star hotel and four nights aboard a stately dahabiya; transportation during all excursions; flights within Egypt (Cairo to Luxor and Aswan to Cairo); tips for hotel staff, drivers, dahabiya staff, porters, and guides; and group airport transfers for guests arriving and departing during the suggest ed times.

Frequency of Action:

Participation in itinerary activities is voluntary; guests should be comfortable with physical exertion, including climbing stairs and standing and walking for long periods, sometimes on gravel, sand, or stone. Guests should be able to walk 1.5 miles over uneven surfaces to get the most out of this programme.


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  • Take two days to explore Cairo, stopping at the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, and the Khan El-Khalili bazaar.
  • While in Luxor, be sure to check out the Karnak Temple Complex, which is home to the works of some 30 different pharaohs and is the largest religious structure in the world.
  • Take a trip down to Abydos along the Nile to see the colourful carvings in the Temple of Seti I and the Abydos King List, both of which are essential to any study of Ancient Egyptian history.
  • The Valley of the Kings and Nobles, the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, and the Colossi of Memnon can all be found on the western side of Luxor.
  • A private dahabiya, a traditional Egyptian sailing vessel, will be waiting for you in Esna to embark on a four-night Nile River cruise.
  • See the sacred temples and traditional Nubian villages on Elephantine Island, the only active excavation site open to tourists.
  • Visit the temples of Abu Simbel, hewn into a massive rock cliff and moved and perfectly reconstructed after the construction of the High Dam in the early 1960s, on an optional excursion (for an extra fee).

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