The Rams Road is the road that connects the Luxor Temple with the Karnak Temple. It used to start from the beach a spacious street, with statues of sphinxes that we find in the Karnak temples represented in the form of a sphinx with a ram’s head, and the ram here symbolizes the god Amun, perhaps to protect the temple and highlight its axis. The ancient Egyptians called this road the path of the god, and the way of the rams in the temples of Karnak was known as the path of the rams. Along the 2,700 km road, there are 1,200 statues, and the width of this road is 76 m. These statues were carved from a single block of sandstone with a cornice inscribed with the king’s name and title and praise for him standing on a base of used stone due to the presence of some inscriptions. The shape of the body of a lion and a human head (Sphinx) The second: It takes the form of the body of a ram and the head of a ram as a symbol of the machine symbols Amun Ra.