The Church of Abu Sarjah-Egypt Magic

The Church of Abu Sarjah is located in the middle of the Roman Fort, almost in ancient Egypt. The opinions of archaeologists have differed about the history of this church, as it dates back to the late fourth or early fifth century AD. This church won a special religious status among Coptic churches due to its connection with the Holy Family’s trip to Egypt. The church also took its name after two saints who had great fame in the history of Christian religious martyrdom in the early fourth century AD; are Saints Sergius and Ochis, who were martyred in the Rusafa region in Syria because of their conversion to the Christian religion during the period of the Roman Emperor Maskemanus. The Church of Abu Serja and its cave belong to the style of the Basilic churches, which consists of three parts: an entrance hallway, a nave, and three structures below a cave, and is characterized by its unique architectural and artistic elements, Which reflects the spirit of the architecture of Coptic churches in Egypt, such as the noblest, the bathtub, the baptistery, the inlaid veils, and their religious motifs that adorn their domes and walls.