Sarabium Puzzle
Sarabium Temple is located in  ​​Saqqarah and found Saqqara in the city of Badrasheen and is far from the pyramids of Giza by about 30 kilometres. The temple has 26 huge cavities of granite that is nicely made.
Weighs a cover of 30 tons.
The body of the coffin himself is 70 tons. Every coffin is approximately 100 tons.
Why made these coffins?
And for those?
And why the coffins are all free and closed except only one coffin?
Why did not you find any coffins for any mummy or body for the body of the calf Abis as he claimed “August Marit” Pasha Finder stunning?
Who made it and how .. and why I made it.. and why is it very great?
Then, in the end, how to get it into the corridors and spend Sorabium?
If the pyramids of Giza are the largest and greatest effects, Sorabium is the most sedative effects and confusion in the world.
The tunnels of  Sarabium in the same puzzle is folded, in the summer, you find cool, and in the warm winter, the tunnels are 400 meters engraved in the heart of Saqqara, not amid the sand and the tunnel. Spaces phenomenon in the map There are funds,
If we look at the main corridor, we found a single straightening. Can this long tunnel have been drilled just by the traps?
Silphium tunnels, only one door is considered the entrance and director, and the vision inside tunnels, even with the presence of the sun is very dark, do not dig all that distance in the darkness and exit a response to tons of fireworks?
It is also strange that there are no more effective torches on the tunnel walls, as any fireworks in that depth with the excellence and dust will be gorge?
Look at the start of the tunnel and its resignation. Can a human hand dig out the precision and integrity of this distance, or can one say this is impossible without a drilling machine?
That tunnels are not engraved in the sand but in Saqqara rocks, which certainly requires an incredible effort to be carried out across the human hand alone, but it is strong and advanced machines. If we look at our contemporary civilization, we will find that we have to dig a flash of lightning like this; we will need a spending machine.
Then Nati to Sarabium themselves, which prepares scientific and engineering miracle even in our time !!
This repentance has not been built but carved. As with any coffin are 4 aspects, base and cover. The body of the coffin itself is carved by truncating a mass of seats from the granite of various types of quarries in the south of the country, in Luxor, Aswan and Sudan.
Then after truncating that mass of approximately 80 tons of quarry, dug and refined, the cover is carved.
The coffins are all made of high-spiral rocks (red granite – black granite – basalt – quartz), which can not be handled only by diamond cutters.
It is impossible to say anywhere with tools used in the era of the families and are respectively (stones – copper – bronze – then iron in late times) All can not deal with them at all these tools as well as refinement in this way !!!
Digging the Fund itself puzzling as they did?
There is no doubt that the treasures and primitive road machines can not graduate such a unique geometric product, all internal and external fund angles are 90 degrees full, not 90.1 and 89.9.
Also, flattening coefficient or Flatness error less than 0.02%, a degree can not be reached in the modern era only using high precision machines, or optical technology as laser, to get complete flattening.
The Fund is polished with a degree that makes your mind look only like there are advanced machines that can dig and refinance this exact form.
Then Nati asked the most important question, How did those giant coffins were put into the tunnel with one very tight entrance?
The remarkable information said King “Farouk” tried to take out one of the coffins from the tunnel and used many workers and mules and could not move him from his place only a few meters and a meter in place so far.