Khan al-Khalili Bazaar
Khan_Al-Khalili is located on a street parallel to Al-Moez Street, to the religion of God, Fatimid.
It is considered one of the most important markets of old Cairo.
The khan includes traditional and traditional crafts
Al-Khan holds the title of Al-Khalili, according to Sultan Jaharks Al-Khalili, one of the Circassian Mamluk sultans, who founded it in 1382 AD, that is, more than 620 years ago the ruins of the tombs of the Fatimid caliphs in Egypt, which was known as “the soil of saffron”.
In 1511 AD, Sultan al-Ghuri Khan al-Khalili was demolished, and in his place, he established bills, shops, quarters and agencies that he reached from three gates. These walls and shops were destroyed, and the Khan was rebuilt.