Why was Tesla so anxiously studying the pyramids of Egypt?

He is one of the most successful scientists of the last century, and we owe him many inventions today. Still, Nikola Tesla had a strange obsession with the pyramids of Egypt. 

Why? It is possible that Tesla was the scientist who risked mysterious experiments, which made him consider, in and of itself, a mystery as a person.

Tesla was born in present-day Croatia and was obsessed, to the point where he would circle every building he’d entered three times and clean his dishes with exactly 18 napkins. He only rented hotel rooms numbered divisible by three.

He made day-to-day calculations of things to make sure they were divisible by three so that he could make the right decisions, meaning that everything around him, one way or another, was divisible by multiples of three. 

Some theorists and historians believe he was struggling with Obsessive-compulsive disorder. But is there a more mysterious background behind all of this and perhaps related to the pyramids of Egypt? 

And it is that Tesla was a faithful believer that these ancestral relics were ancient carriers of immense energies.

Nikola Tesla and his obsession with the pyramids

Tesla was convinced that the pyramids of Egypt had a very different purpose than just some simple monuments. For this reason, he devoted a large part of his life to studying them and then built the famous “Wardenclyffe Tower,” almost entirely inspired by his research on the pyramids of Egypt.

So what was the important thing that Tesla saw in these constructions?

Well, he wondered if it could store and distribute energy as if it were giant transmitters, but that thought was not born out of anywhere.

His obsession was born out of his research on wirelessly transmitting energy, and Tesla patented in 1905 the “art of transmitting electrical energy through the natural environment.” You can see in it different designs of some generators around the planet that use the ionosphere to collect energy.

In short, Tesla had the vision to appreciate the planet with its poles as a boundless energy generator. The original design of the hierarchical-shaped transmitters became known as “Tesla’s electromagnetic pyramid.”

Its relationship to numerology

Another aspect that captured Tesla’s obsession was, without a doubt, numerology. Tesla was, for various reasons, a somewhat strange person thanks to his obsessive qualities, and multiples of 3, such as 3, 6, and 9, were the study’s main numbers. He was convinced that these three numbers were the key.

For everything around us in the universe, numerology had a lot to do with the obsession for the pyramids.

Perhaps this was the reason why he circled the buildings three times before entering or using rooms only in hotels with numbers divisible by 3, and now if we look at the Great Pyramid in Giza, the most important monument of ancient Egypt, we can see that the three pyramids are completely aligned with Constellation Orion.

And we can also locate another group of 3 smaller pyramids, so it is not surprising to imagine that the ancient sages also knew triple and hexagonal symmetry, which they incorporated into their sacred buildings.

We can see Tesla’s obsession with the Egyptian pyramids is not accidental. It is A much deeper background related to numerology, the mysteries of the universe, and infinite energy.

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