The sacred Lake
The sacred lake in Karnak is an ancient Egyptian miracle and a supernatural engineering genius. I believe the ancient Egyptian that the throne of God is in the sky and this throne is on the water that he called (Nun) or the eternal ocean Nun. On this, the Nile water comes from the eternal ocean and the lake as it draws its water from the Nile, so it has all sanctification with the Egyptians.
“Holy Lake” at the Karnak Temple … and the secret of fixed waters that do not dry out !!!
Also, strange … is that this lake does not emit an unpleasant smell of its water.
Established by King Tuthmosis the Third, it was 80 meters long and 40 meters wide and was surrounded by a wall. On its north and south sides, there is a scale for the Nile that has two entrances, one from the east and the other from the west has stone stairs.
Those in which the priests were bathed before performing any religious ceremonies or national celebrations
It was fed by a canal linking the lake to the waters of the Nile, established by King Thutmose III.
And the miracles in this lake are that the water is stable and no more than a level.
Water or decrease even with a change in the height or decrease of the Nile level
For more than 3,000 years, the lake never dries up. !! This is one of the most important proofs of the genius of the ancient Egyptian engineer.
Any genius and any miracles! Water with a constant level of not less despite factors
Transpiration, loss, leakage and evaporation !!. But no wonder he is the engineer.
The Egyptians who built, built, built and baffled all history engineers !!!