The Orion’s belt and the true age of the pyramids
In 1979, while a civil engineer of Belgian origin, born in Alexandria, named Robert Bauval, was waiting at Heathrow Airport in London for the time of his plane to take off to go to his workplace in Sudan, he purchased a book entitled “The Sirius Mystery” written by Robert Temple, an investment of time awaiting solutions. His plane’s take-off time. It was a thrilling book that turned his life upside down. The book talked about the beliefs of a tribe in Africa known as the “Dogon tribes”, who used to hold ritual ceremonies for thousands of years. This ritual was a simulation of the movement of Sirius, which is one of the brightest stars in the sky and belongs to a group known as the Great Dog.
Temple (the author of the book) expressed the belief that this astronomical information possessed by the Dogons must have been passed down through thousands of years, that it had reached them from the ancient Egyptians, and that the investigation of this secret should be sought in the history of ancient Egypt. The outcome of this book was a detailed preoccupation of Robert Bauval that took more than a decade.
Finally, he came up with a theory that revolutionized Egyptology.
He concluded that Egypt, with its Nile and pyramids, is heaven’s image on Earth! (1)
Robert Bauval, a Belgian of Egyptian origin, was raised in Egypt until he was 12, then left with his parents to London. He graduated as an architect and became famous as a good engineer. In one of his visits to Egypt, Robert stopped for a while to visit the Egyptian Museum, there was a painting Certain of the pyramids he wanted to see, and that was in 1983, that is, four years after reading Robert Temple’s book, Robert went and stopped in front of the painting, and kept looking at it.
The pyramids from an elevated perspective are approximately 2 km away, yet the pyramids seem very visible due to their massiveness.
The painting represented the pyramids from a high perspective, about 2 km away, yet the pyramids seem very clear because of their largeness. Three questions raised his mind about the painting, three questions that passed thousands of before him and passed us every day. But Robert’s mind did not digest them.
The first question – why are there three pyramids in the picture? Perhaps you are joking and saying what a note; he wondered why three pyramids in particular .. why not two, four or five?
The answer from Egyptologists is that the pyramids are the tombs of the kings of the Fourth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom, whose era was known as the era of the pyramid builders in the period approximately 2500 BC .. Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure, and accordingly they understood three pyramids.
Why does the third pyramid of Menkaure seem small in size compared to the two neighbouring pyramids?
The pyramid of Khufu is the largest (146 meters long), followed by Khafre (136 meters). The archaeologists gave us a nice reason for that: he built a pyramid much smaller than his parents because of the high cost incurred by the state to build the pyramid of cutting stones and workers .. etc.
But what is interesting is that the third pyramid is much smaller than theirs. The third pyramid is 65 meters high, which is still a huge miracle but compared to others, it is considered insignificant, just as you ride a large car and then park next to a giant truck.
Although the explanation is not convincing because Chepskaf, for example, Ibn Menkaure, took a cemetery consisting of a terrace of several stone rows, its height does not exceed 15 meters, and its cost is much lower than the pyramid. Why did Menkaure not take a cemetery as a terrace instead of the pyramid, as long as he fears the state’s economy is faltering and the people are bored?!
The third question – Why does the pyramid of Menkaure seem far from aligned with the pyramids of Khufu and Khafre?
It was natural for the pyramid of Menkaure to be placed in the same alignment with the previous two pyramids, but that did not happen; it was a little further from them. Its engineers were of a great degree of science and engineering, and nothing like this could have gone wrong.
If we draw a line that passes through the centres of the Khufu and Khafre pyramids, we will find it far from Menkaure.
Robert was puzzled in interpreting this for years and was not convinced by the interpretations of Egyptologists that they were tombs of varying sizes according to the economic situation. He was in his heart as a civil engineer, sure of designing the pyramids of these sizes and sites had all happened at once as if you put a design for a residential city and put the design of streets, buildings and gardens At the same time and the painting. But the puzzle remained intractable.
Until he was on a business trip in one of the projects in Saudi Arabia, he wandered on a clear night with a French friend in the vast desert lands while the stars twinkled in the sky.
When his friend pointed to a group of three stars in the sky, they represented a line, but the smallest of them was a little far from them.
Robert looked up at the stars, and suddenly his eyes flashed, and he cried out loudly.
When his eyes fell on the key to solving the mystery.
Orion belt stars.
Orion belt
Orion’s belt. It is a star group consisting of 3 stars and is known as “The Orion’s Belt” or “The Orion’s Belt” because it was part of a star group known as the “Al-Jabbar”. It is like most of the stars with Arabic names.
Robert found that the pyramids follow the Orion belt group with a great match. This explained to him in moments the reason for the sizes of the pyramids and the distances between them so precisely.
The three stars of Orion’s belt (al-Nitaq – Al-Nilaam – the region) – according to the Arabic names, a line that passes through the centres of Al-Nitaq and Al-Nilaam, and the region is a little further and the three pyramids of Giza (Khufu – Khafre – Menkaure) a line that passes through the centres of the Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure pyramids a little further in the same proportion.
The three stars of Orion’s belt (al-Nitaq – Al-Nilaam – the region) – according to the Arabic names, a line that passes through the centres of Al-Nitaq and Al-Nilaam, and the region is a little further and the three pyramids of Giza (Khufu – Khafre – Menkaure) a line that passes through the centres of the Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure pyramids a little further in the same proportion.
The sizes of the pyramids are equivalent to the size and luminosity of the stars… and the distances and arrangement between them are equivalent to the distances between the stars of the Orion belt.
It was an amazing revelation; the answer has been in front of us all along. For a while, no one saw her.
Buffal wanted to discuss the idea with many Egyptologists, so he sent the director of the Egyptology department at the British Museum at the time, Dr James. His response, several weeks later, was that he saw it as nothing but a coincidence. Buffal did not give up and tried again with the well-known scientist Dr Edwards, the director of the British Museum.. Edwards was enthusiastic about the idea. He asked him to continue, and they met and corresponded.
Robert did not expect it at this point; that was the beginning; Robert decided to expand the search scope and looked at all the hierarchical groups; what did he find?
Geographical congruence between the pyramids and the stars of the sky
He found that Egypt with its pyramids and its Nile is the image of heaven on Earth.
The Nile River is the terrestrial reflection of the Milky Way, which represents the celestial Nile. As for the arrangement of the Giza pyramids, it follows on Earth the arrangement of the stars of the Orion group in the sky, their size, intensity of brightness, and their relative position in the Milky Way, which was like the heavenly Nile.
This means that the pyramids were not built in isolation from each other as we thought. Rather, it was part of a major engineering plan based on a creedal religious background and geometric and survey considerations with a very accurate knowledge of astronomy conditions. The Milky Way galaxy is the true Nile, and the earthly Nile is nothing but a reflection of it.
All seven pyramids belonging to the Fourth Dynasty (the Pyramid of Dahshur, the Three Pyramids of Giza, Zawiya al-Arian and the Pyramid of Dahshur) are perfectly coordinated on the ground in the same order as the seven stars in the groups “Orion” and “Kalays” in the sky. It must be pointed out that the stars of the Qilas were associated in their role in ancient Egyptian history with “the god” Set, the brother of “Osiris”, and his killer (2)
After long research into the text of the pyramids and their Relationship to the stars, Buval published this theory in two articles in an archaeological scientific newspaper.
Bouval saw that he had done what he had to do and linked the Relationship of the pyramids with the stars, contrary to what Egyptologists agreed upon recently about the Relationship of the pyramids to the sun.. and he thought that he should stop searching for that limit.
But a small note later will open the door to something greater than that
The age of the pyramids
Egyptologists believe that the pyramids were built in 2450 BC, and perhaps you will find a slight difference between one world and another. Some of them believe that it is 2600 BC .. others 2450 BC .. and so on.
But why that period?
They saw that the star aperture in the king’s room refers to the Yamani star Sirius in 2500 BC. The star of Sirius is the star revered by the ancient Egyptians as a sign of the coming of the flood and goodness on the country. From here, that slight difference arose. Every scientist calculates it in their way with a paper and a pen; some of them said that this match occurred in 2450 BC, and some of them saw that it was 2600 BC.
When Robert began studying these numbers, he found that an astronomer in the year 2450 BC, who is officially the age of the pyramid builders, did not find a match between Orion’s system and the pyramids.
Orion’s belt formed in 2450 BC, which archaeologists adopted to build the pyramids. The Nile River parallels the Milky Way..but Orion’s stars do not match the pyramids’ arrangement.
Here a question arose that lit his head. Could the archaeologists have made a mistake in determining the age of the pyramids?
age of the pyramids
The next step was for Robert to determine the pyramids’ to answer this question. He bought a computer program called SkyGlobe. This program can find out the locations of the stars over time. The coordinates of the stars change over the years because the stars revolve in orbits. For example, if you take a picture Camera for the sky now from this location… Then I took another picture exactly 100 years later from the same location… You will see a difference in the shape of the stars. Robert started working on the program in the early 1990s when digital technology was in its infancy.
Robert has assumed that the age of the pyramids is the same as the date of the closest distance to the Orion belt from Earth; the goal was to match the pattern of the pyramids with the pattern of the Orion belt. The sky. But the number that appeared on the screen was a surprise. The program showed that the age of the pyramids is 10450 BC!
Image from SkyGlobe
Robert realized that he had another world war ahead of him after that revelation.. he repeated the experiment over and over again.. with other programs and came to the same conclusion.
In the year 10450 BC, two rare astronomical events occurred over the skies of ancient Egypt, one of them happened by chance, and the second does not recur except once every tens of thousands of years.
The first is that the Milky Way, which extends from the north to the south of the dome of the sky, took a shape in which it corresponded in shape to the north-south course of the Nile Valley to the extent that appeared from the Giza plateau as if the Nile was a complete copy and faithful image of a galaxy of the Milky Way. The path looked like the heavenly Nile.
The second is that west of the Milky Way, the three stars of Orion’s belt have reached their closest point to the Earth in their cycle that repeats once every 26,000 years.
If the ancients recorded the age of building the pyramids implicitly in the architecture of the building in a way that cannot be erased and lost, regardless of time, which has been proven in our time by Robert Bauval. (4)
By all accounts, this astonishing discovery would have rewritten Egyptian history once again… because it brought back the age of Egyptian civilization, more than 8000 thousand years before its officially dated age.
But why the stars? And what did the ancients see in the stars? Then who built the pyramids?
The legend of Isis and Osiris
Before we complete Robert Bauval’s theory, we need to go through Isis and Osiris’s myth briefly. Osiris was originally a god and a human being at the same time. And a beloved earthly king who taught people wisdom and the foundations of civilization. He was married to his sister Isis. Set, the brother of Osiris, was jealous of him and plotted against him. One day he stole the scales of Osiris’s body and made a beautiful chest according to these measures. Then met A banquet was invited by Osiris with a group of conspirators. During the banquet, “Set” said that the one to whom the measurements of the box fit can take it. As soon as Osiris entered the box, it was closed tightly with hot bullets. In another narration, Set tore Osiris’s bones into 16 pieces and threw each one in a place in Egypt. In both cases, Isis tracked down her husband’s remains and was able to find and reassemble them. That was the first mummy in Egypt, and she was able to bring her back to life for a short while, during which she managed to make him fertilize her.
This is how the ancients saw the transition of Osiris to the stars.
With the completion of his mission, Osiris transformed himself into a star and joined the constellation of Orion and settled in it, founding the kingdom of death or “dawat” in ancient Egypt. As for Isis, she hid, and when the situation came, she named her son Horus. And when Horus grew up, he wanted to avenge his father, so he challenged his uncle to a duel. During the duel, Horus lost an eye and his testicles. Because the result was not resolved according to legend, the God Ra intervened and acknowledged the victory favouring Horus, who became king of Egypt and founder of the dynasty of Egyptian kings.
Since then, all the kings of Egypt who succeeded the king after “Osiris” and the victory of his son “Horus” over his uncle “Set” considered themselves the embodiment of Horus and that each pharaoh, in turn, joined Orion after his death through a funeral rite in which the process of moving “Osiris” was repeated. To astronomy. (5)
The story of Osiris is similar to that of the Prophet of God Idris; peace be upon him if the legendary part of the story is excluded. Both of them lived in Egypt. Both taught people the book, wisdom and earth sciences. The end is also similar. The ancients believed that Osiris moved to heaven and took his place in the constellation Orion (Saho in the language The Qur’an acknowledges that God raised Idris to heaven (and mention in the book Idris that he was a friend and a prophet* and we raised him to a lofty position) verse 56 of Surat Maryam. The interpretations did not mention how it was raised, but if it were raised after death, God would not have singled it out for that verse because all the dead are raised their souls. It appears that her deification of him took place after his disappearance… just as it happened with the Messiah Jesus, peace be upon him after God raised him to Himself.
The ancient Egyptians considered the stars to be the origin of knowledge and the home of the gods and immortals. The gods were stellar, the cults were stellar, and the inscriptions were stellar, and they were the first to put the star constellations in their current form that we know
star constellations
A replica model of the dome in Paris. It contains 36 celestial towers with the names of the ancient gods.
The ancient Egyptians divided the zodiac into 36 groups, comprising the thirty-six constellations belonging to the “decimals”. They associated each sign with the name of one of their gods and gave them authority over fates.
In addition to the basic constellations (Pisces, Aries, Cancer, Taurus, etc.), they set a system of twenty-five constellations, such as the crocodile, the rhinoceros, the lion, and the falcon-headed human sign (Horus). These towers are divided into northern and southern towers, but three of them were always clear and well-defined due to their inconsistency.
1. Sahuh I Orion (in the form of Osiris)
2. Soothes, meaning Sirius or Sirius (a cow lying down, and they paired it with Isis, the wife of Osiris).
3. The Big Dipper (The first section of Thor)
There is the most famous stellar group in the Louvre Museum in Paris after dismantling and looting a long time ago. It was completely moved from the dome of the temple of Dendera in Qena.. one of the most beautiful Egyptian temples.
In Al-Qurtubi’s interpretation of the verse “And that he is the Lord of Sirius” – Surah An-Najm: It was said that the Arabs say in their myths that Suhail and al-Shi’ari were a married couple, so Suhail descended and became a Yemeni, so al-Shi’ari followed him over the crossing, and crossed the galaxy and was called al-Obour. And poetry among the ancient Egyptians was associated with Isis. Perhaps the stories were transmitted after the collapse of Egyptian civilization and the departure of many of Egypt to the Arabian Peninsula.
Sirius star
The ancient Egyptians initially adopted a Nile calendar, that is, it depends on the Nile River, that begins with the flood, and because they noticed that the flood is associated with the appearance of the star “Hair”, which is the brightest star in the sky, and therefore they called it “the bringer of the flood”, and they called it the “star of Isis” due to the connection of the tears of Isis Osiris’s wife, with the flood of the Nile, when she grieved for him, and because the flood brings with it goodness, water, fruits and prosperity of life, they sanctified him and symbolized him with the symbol of “a cow lying down”, and they worshipped her.
Because of the great status of the Yamani poetic star (Syrus) and its sanctity among the ancient peoples, the saying of God Almighty came to confirm {and that He is the Lord of poetry} (Surat An-Najm 49), and there is no prostration to anyone else, Glory be to Him. He also noted that he followed that verse in Surat An-Najm by saying, the Highest and that he destroyed the first (50).
I think that God has paired the star of Sirius with Aad as a Quranic reference to the fact that the ancient Egyptian civilization of Aad took Sirius as their sanctuary.
On the right is the constellation of Orion and on the left is the constellation of the Great Dog.
The star Sirius is located on the same line as the Orion group in the constellation Orion. It is in the left image in blue in the constellation of the Great Dog or the Orion Dog.
stellar niches
It was important for Bauval to prove that the direction of the four-star windows in the Great Pyramid was in the right direction on that date, 10450 BC.
Whoever the literature dating back to modern times until the early nineties on the pyramids will find that these references talked about the niches as ventilation openings. But why does the mummy need ventilation? But soon, the new theory spread until it became completely convinced today. For example, the archaeologist “Edwards” used in his book “The Pyramids of Egypt”, which is considered one of the best references on this subject, the expression “star niches”.
Mexican and Chinese pyramids
It is also strange that the pyramids of Mexico and China follow the Orion belt as well. They date back to the same periods, i.e. from 10 to 12 thousand years BC. This raises a thousand question marks: the appearance of three groups of high civilization buildings. The level simultaneously means that there is civil contact and even coordination that has taken place between the three countries for these facilities.
The pyramids of Mexico and China also follow the order of the Orion belt
Contrary to what is commonly believed, the first contact with Latin and Central America began with the campaigns of Columbus in the sixteenth century.
Immortality, as we mentioned, is still a supreme goal for the human being who hates and fears death. He seeks to transform himself from a mortal entity to an immortal entity. Accordingly, the pyramids were connected to the happened with “Osiris”..the transfer of humans from Earth to another place where they are immortalized
spread the theory
Robert was working side by side with the famous archaeologist “Graham Hancock”.. Hancock asked him, as an architect, to perform geometrical, mathematical calculations for the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx.
Cover of Orion’s Mystery – Robert Bauval
They decided to publish the theory first at Oxford University as a scientific paper on the age of the pyramids in 1989. Then they followed it up with the book “The Mystery of the Orion Belt”.
His theory made a lot of noise in the scientific and archaeological circles, and it was highlighted by newspapers and international news agencies such as CNN and BBC. His book rose to the classification of the best-selling books in England.
It shocked and bored the classical Egyptologists. They rejected it completely despite its power..and although anyone can prove it now quite Google Earth.. the archaeologists still insist that the pyramids have nothing to do with any stars.
The astrological current
Robert Bauval
Thus, we can summarize the general vision of building the pyramids into two streams: the astronomical-geological and the official.
The astronomical-geological trend put forward, extremely, the theory that ancient people built the Al-Ahram civilization around 10500 BC, that these people disappeared from history and that there are traces of it here and there. Geological evidence indicating the reason for the supposed disappearance, which is sufficient to collect the parties to the story and re-weaving its threads and that this advanced civilization was flourishing before the last ice age, i.e. about 10,000 to 15,000 years ago, and that it was she who built the Giza pyramids and the Great Sphinx and that it became extinct as a result of glacial encroachment (6). According to this theory, the pyramids of Giza were not made by Khufu, and Khafre does not make his dynasty and The Sphinx, but both are much older than that.
Supporters of this current belief that this theory may explain why the Giza pyramids are devoid of any reference to the Fourth Dynasty, which the official school says was their daughter or the absence of any mummy of a pharaoh belonging to this fourth dynasty to which its name is attached. The mummy of Khufu was not discovered, and the pyramid of Khafre was also empty when Belzoni entered it for the first time in 1818. The pyramid of Menkaure, which was opened for the first time in modern times by Colonel Weiss in 1837, was not different from its predecessors. Weiss found the coffin empty except for some bones that, upon analysis, show that they date back to the Christian era, i.e. 2500 years after the pyramid was built.
Graham Hancock
Egyptologists, the most famous of whom is Dr Zahi Hawass, said that the mummies were looted, which explains why they were not found. Still, the absence of any inscriptions on the pharaohs of the Fourth Dynasty or others is striking. Hancock mentioned these opinions in his first book, “The Fingerprints of the Gods” (7), but he only mentioned a hint in his second book, which is shared with Buval in the book “The Guardian of the Age of Genesis” (8). This theory gives, for the believers in it, a convincing explanation for some striking phenomena, For example, the engineering miracle in ancient Egypt in a period immediately following the Stone Age (according to the official version), the presence of major marine boats in the Egyptian desert, the natural and water erosion factors apparent on the Sphinx. However, it remained mostly under the sand for the greater part of the five-thousand-year period. Last. This indicates that it was carved during a period when the climate of Egypt was humid, which characterized the Egyptian lands about ten thousand years ago. We have detailed this in the article (The Sphinx.. A statue from the lost civilization) and traces of water erosion on some of the temple’s stones adjacent to the pyramid of Khafre. Last but not least, there is a great similarity between the ancient Egyptian, Mexican and Peruvian civilizations. In addition to the similarity between Egypt and these two South American countries in terms of the pyramids, such as the shape of the building, the similarity goes beyond that to the symbols and meanings behind these edifices. The first of these symbols is that three of the pyramids of the Mexican region of Teotihuacan are as major as it is in Giza, and two of the three pyramids in both places are parallel to a straight imaginary line passing through their middle and the third in both places is oblique and slightly outside to the left. Then, both pyramids in the two countries are considered, based on ancient texts and inscriptions, as “places where men turn into gods” (9)
the official stream
Zahi Hawass
The proponents of that current assert that only the Egyptians of the dynastic period built these edifices. And that its miraculous and mysteries indicate the genius of a people and civilization. The most prominent current advocate is Dr Zahi Hawass, Director of Giza Antiquities, who discovered the tombs of the pyramid workers who built the Giza pyramids.
This group adds that all doubts about this matter are motivated by political considerations and sceptical attitudes derived from racist motives and that they are racist attempts to steal the efforts of the Egyptian people, similar to what books are filled with literature related to the roots of civilization stolen for the benefit of other peoples, within the framework of organized operations to steal history. (10)
They also completely reject any relationship between the pyramids and the stars or pre-dynastic civilizations (11)
Why do archaeologists hate Robert Bauval’s theory?
Official archaeologists dislike Robert Bauval’s discovery for two reasons:
First, it is well-known that Egyptologists agree that the pyramids are part of a religious belief related to sun worship, especially since their form suggests that. Its ribs represent the sun’s rays as it penetrates the clouds and pours their rays on the ground. Also, the Egyptian religion focused on the god “Ra”, the God of the sun, and that the pyramids T, accordingly, is like launching pads guiding the pharaoh on his way to the sun to join Ra. The pyramids are all built to the west of the Nile Valley, i.e., towards the sunset, where the city of the dead is located. So everything suggests that the pyramids and their rituals are connected to the sun. As for Bouval’s theory, it proves definitively that the pyramids are connected to the stars and that the builders of the pyramids had a stellar, not solar, belief. Thus, this weakens the theory that the dynastic kings are the builders of the pyramids.
Secondly, Egyptologists agree that the pyramids were built in the era of the First Dynasties, which is approximately 2500 BC, while Buffal’s theory dates back to the pyramids of ancient times, close to 10 thousand years BC.
Thus, Robert Bauval, with his theory, almost destroys the Egyptology that was written in the last 200 years. Thousands of references, pamphlets, documents, recordings and research that linked the pyramids and the sun and theories of building systems in Pharaonic Egypt will all be erased, in addition to question marks that will be raised about other monuments that are believed to have Relationship with the sun such as obelisks, sun boats and temples.
Despite Bauval’s astonishing discovery, he did not obtain a doctorate for its discovery. He was ignored and refused to discuss his theory, even by the puritanical archaeologists who reject any new theory, even compelling evidence. Dr Zahi Hawass has two famous records, one of which mocks Robert Bauval’s theory, and The second accuses him of thievery (12).
Egyptologists have bet that Robert’s theory will be lost in no more than two months, like other theories before it. But it seems that Robert was stubborn to the extent that he did not budge from his theory, and several books followed this book in similar themes. He did dozens of television interviews and gave lectures in different world regions about the pyramids and their Relationship to Orion. Thousands of people adopted it for its clarity and logic, and despite that, the current office is still in another valley.
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