The Great Pyramid and its Secrets
The Great Pyramid is a distinguished work of art and a wonderful model, and the Great Pyramid has received the title of one of the world’s wonders. The Great Pyramid was built in the past with the same accuracy as current modern technology, and this wonderful work cannot be repeated, and historical analysis shows that the pyramids were built between 2589 and 2504 BC; there are many interesting facts about this pyramid that baffled archaeologists, astronomers, and tourists, and below we will mention some of these facts:
– The scholars estimated that the Great Pyramid contains about 2,300,000 stone blocks weighing (2-30) tons each, and there are even some stone blocks in the Great Pyramid that weigh more than 50 tons.
– The pyramid of Menarae, the pyramid of Khafre, and the Great Pyramid of King Khufu are neatly lined up with the constellation Orion.
The area of ​​the base of the Great Pyramid is about 55,000 square meters, and each side of the Great Pyramid has an area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters.
– The internal temperature in the Great Pyramid is constant and equals the average temperature of the Earth, which is about 20 ° C (68 ° F).
– The Great Pyramid has an outer covering of stones, which consists of 144,000 stones, each of which is smooth and flat to an accuracy of 1/100 of an inch, and each of these stones is about 100 inches thick and weighs nearly 15 tons each.
– The base of the cornerstone of the Great Pyramid has a spherical engineering structure and a cavity capable of dealing with thermal expansion and earthquakes.
– The mortar used to build the Great Pyramid is of unknown origin (yes, no explanation has been given), and it has been analyzed. The chemical components of this mortar are known, but it cannot be produced, and it is stronger than stone and is still coherent today.
The Great Pyramid is mainly covered with a stone casing made of highly polished limestone. These stones reflect the sunlight falling on it and make the Great Pyramid shine like a jewel. These stones no longer exist to be used by Arabs to build mosques after an earthquake in the fourteenth century where it was lost. The limestone cover that covers the Great Pyramid works like giant mirrors that reflect strong light so that the Great Pyramid will be visible from the moon as a bright star on the ground. The ancient Egyptians called the Great Pyramid a sister in the sense of wonderful light, and as for how to transport the blocks, The massive boulder and how it was assembled remains a mystery.
The Great Pyramid is the most precisely aligned structure facing true north with a tiny error of only about 3/60 of a degree.
– The Great Pyramid is located at the centre of the Earth from the Earth, and the line that passes from the East of the Earth to the West passes most of the Earth with the longitudinal line that passes from the North to the South and passes the middle of the Earth. The biggest.
The four sides of the Great Pyramid are slightly concave, and the Great Pyramid is the only pyramid built in this way.
– The four concave sides of the Great Pyramid show the Great Pyramid that it has eight sides. This effect is not visible from the ground or a distance but only from the air. Under suitable lighting conditions, this phenomenon can only be detected from space at dawn and sunset in the spring and autumn when the night equals And when the sun sheds shade on the pyramid.
A huge granite container in the king’s room is fitted with corridors and basements, and therefore it must be placed somewhere during construction.
The container is made of solid granite blocks, and this requires a set of bronze saws of (8-9) feet with sapphire-toothed teeth.
The microscopic analysis of the container reveals that it was constructed with fixed point drilling using pieces of hard gems with a drilling force of 2 tons.
The Great Pyramid has a revolving door entrance. Such a revolving door has been found in only two other pyramids, the pyramids of Khufu’s father and grandfather and the pyramid of Snefro and Huni, respectively.
– There is a report showing that when the revolving door was broken for the first time inside the Great Pyramid, which weighed about 20 tons, it was well balanced so that it could be opened by pushing it from the inside with less force, but the door when closed was quite appropriate as it is difficult to detect About him, there aren’t enough cracks and gaps around the edges of the door to expose it from the outside.
With the outer covering, the Great Pyramid of the Moon can be seen.
The weight of the Great Pyramid is estimated at 5,955,000 tons, and when the estimate is multiplied by ten S8, it gives a reasonable estimate of the mass of the Earth.
– The sloping corridor in the Great Pyramid refers to the pole star Alpha Draconis from about 2170-2144 B.C, and this was considered the North Star then, and no other star has lined up with the pass since then.
– The south spear in King Khufu’s room inside the Great Pyramid refers to the star of Nitak (Zeta Orionis) in the constellation Orion since about 2450 B.C., and no other star aligned with this spear during that time in history.
– Twice, the circumference of the base of the granite container inside the king’s room is multiplied by 10s8, equal to the sun’s radius.
The curved design in the four faces of the Great Pyramid perfectly matches the radius of the Earth.
The pyramid of Khufu, known as the Great Pyramid of Giza, is the oldest and largest building, reaching 481 feet (146 meters). Archaeologists say that the Great Pyramid was the tallest structure in the world for a period of 3,800 years.