The camel is the ship of the desert.
Camels appeared 40 million years ago in North America. Still, for one reason or another, they disappeared from there. They appeared in South America and Asia, including two types of Arab camels: the one-humped Dromedary and Camillus Bacterius with two humps. Weights and bears hardships and the second is higher and lighter than the first and is used mainly for riding. It is considered one of the pets, which is of the order of the ungulates and eats weeds, tree leaves, grains, soft branches, thorns and fruits, in addition to dry herbs, which many animals may not be able to eat; God has endowed him with strong teeth, especially the lower jaw, and the camel has a lined mouth that has the ability to eat dry herbs and spiny plants, and its upper lip, which is split in half, helps it, and this is what other animal species cannot. It can withstand the lack of food and water for a much longer period than farm animals, so that it may lose 25% of its weight without significant damage. It can regain what it lost of water by drinking large quantities of it, which may amount to about 100 litres in less than a quarter of an hour. This is harmful to other animals because of the fluid imbalance it causes, but the camel tolerates this because the water is not quickly absorbed from its digestive system. This allows enough time for the fluid balance in its body. The hump is an important store of fat. To it, he uses it as a source of food and water after it is oxidized. The female gives birth to one baby after thirteen months and breastfeeds him for about a year. The animal becomes an adult at the age of 10-12 years, and it can live for up to 40 years. The breeds of camels can be classified into four groups: the beauty of milk, the beauty of meat: the camels dual-purpose: the camel of the race where he is distinguished from other animals by the meeting of his two fingers in a wide slipper that expands when he steps on the ground, helping him to walk on the soft desert sand. Therefore, camels are called slippers, and they are generally peaceful animals, but they become fierce if provoked, and they can show marked anger, especially during the pollination season. Fighting males bite each other painfully. The camel is characterized as a ruminant animal, which means that it can regurgitate food from the stomach to the mouth and digest it again, then swallow it again. This feature; Since in the spring and winter, he can live without water for two months or more and is satisfied with what he eats of plants rich in water. In the summer, he can withstand thirst for a period of (6) to (10) continuous days, as most animals perish when they lose about 20% of their body weight. In comparison, camels can survive even when they lose about 40% of their body weight without any complications. The reason for this is that the camel keeps its blood flowing as it does not pant and does not breathe from its mouth even if it is too hot. In addition to that, its kidneys economize In the water, as the camel’s urine is very concentrated and its dung is semi-dry. In addition, the camel does not sweat until its body temperature reaches 41 degrees. The camel can drink foul water or drink seawater about 18 litres of water if it is thirsty, as the kidneys have rid it of excess salts without affecting the blood balls because God created them oval and did not create spherical like others Organisms when blood cells are filled with water, swell and become spherical without exploding. All these factors help him live in the desert, where the temperature is high, and the water and food are scarce. One of the evolutionary traits of the camel is that it has a small ear with abundant hair so as not to be exposed to the damage of the desert sands. The eye is fitted with two rows of long eyelashes to guard against pebbles and sand. A camel can walk at a speed of 65 kilometres per hour, and a two-humped camel can walk up to 50 kilometres per day, in addition to carrying a weight of more than 200 kilograms. Glory be to God, the camel is the only mammal that can change its body temperature between 34 and 41 degrees Celsius. By the way, camel meat is free of cholesterol, and camel milk is very healthy because it is free of saturated fat. He never forgives or forgets the offence, and he may wait ten years for revenge, and his revenge will be fatal.