The small temple in Abu Simbel
The small temple is located in Abu Simbel, about 100 meters to the northeast of the great temple (the Temple of Ramses II). This temple was built by King Ramses II for his wife, Queen Nefertari, in honour and love for her, in addition to allocating this temple to the worship of the goddess Hathor (the goddess of heaven, love, and beauty, Motherhood, happiness, music, and fertility) according to the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians.
The facade of this temple is adorned with 6 huge statues of equal size, four of these statues of King Ramses II and two of his wife, Great Queen Nefertari, united with the goddess Hathor; each statue is about 33 feet high.
There are also small statues next to the stems of large statues, which are of the sons and daughters of King Ramses II, and what distinguishes this temple and these small statues is that the statues of the princesses in it are longer than the statues of the princes, and this, in turn, indicates that the temple honours Nefertari and the women of Ramses II.
After passing through the entrance to the temple, there is a hall containing columns, these columns decorate the front of the head of the goddess “Hathor”, and on the rest of the sides of these columns are scenes of King Ramses II and Queen Nefertari, and the various gods that the ancient Egyptians worshipped according to their religious beliefs.
As for the walls of this hall, they are full of scenes from the life of King Ramses II, including scenes telling of his going with Nefertari to make offerings of flowers, food, and drinks, and next to this hall, there is a second hall on the walls of which there are also scenes representing the king and his wife in the presence of the gods who used to worship her, and inscriptions of Queen Nefertari, which is She is crowned by the goddess Hathor and the goddess Isis, wearing a headscarf showing the sun disk with feathers between the cow’s horns.
The small temple differs from the large temple in its simplicity.